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Upper School



GRADES 7th - 8TH





SCHOOL OF LOGIC: "Of  all the arts the first and most general is logic, then grammar, and last of all rhetoric, since there can be much use of reason without speech, but no use of speech without reason."                                                                                                                          -John Milton, preface to The Art of Logic

The second stage of the Trivium is the Logic stage. In this stage, the students proceed to take the facts and knowledge they’ve accumulated and study their relationships. Interdisciplinary studies provide an opportunity for the student to learn to reason using the laws of formal logic and correct argument. Our dedicated staff also uses this phase to build Christian Character through focused discussions and community service.

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SCHOOL OF RHETORIC: The Art of Persuasion

The third stage of the Trivium is the Rhetoric Stage. In this stage, students are instructed to skillfully apply the facts learned in Grammar and Logic. Students learn the skill of articulation by eloquently and persuasively presenting and defending their thoughts from a Biblical World View. Rhetoric focuses on a Christ-centered approach to education. God’s truth, order, and attributes are integrated into each subject’s matter. The curriculum is geared to developing a well-trained mind.

Classical Christian Education at the Rhetoric phase has two purposes: Provide a rigorous course of study which develops virtue and encourages discipline, leading to a mastery of the subject matter; and Promote Systematic Study which equips the student with the skills necessary to converse intelligibly about history, literature, language, science, and math.

Please visit the Admissions page to be considered for enrollment.