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Kindergarten: "Shaping Hearts and Minds for a Bright Future"

WCA's Kindergarten department provides the framework for early learning. Our dedicated educators nurture the hearts and minds of students to cultivate Christian character, critical thinking skills, and early reading. We integrate classical methodology, differentiated instruction, and individualized learning strategies to achieve academic success for all learners.  Our commitment is to equip students with the tools for life-long learning and shape the next generation with wisdom and knowledge for a bright future.

1st - 6th Grades

WCA’s 1st - 6th grades of the Grammar School set forth the Classical Christian model of education based on the Trivium.  The first stage, the Grammar stage, focuses on the acquisition of facts, introduction to the writing process, and development of critical reading and thinking skills. Students systematically memorize and learn information through songs, chants, jingles and oratorical presentations. As our students advance within the Grammar School it becomes a “World of Exploration" with strong emphases placed on math and science as students research, present and defend a scientific Thesis.  Our dedicated educators integrate Classical themes, online learning, and project-based lessons to stimulate academic success for all learners. Students are equipped with knowledge, wisdom, and virtue to become life-long learners, sharp thinkers, and the great leaders of tomorrow.

Please visit the Admissions page to be considered for enrollment.