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Project Ring the Bell

Project Ring the Bell


One of the greatest blessings we can extend to those who are less fortunate is the opportunity of a quality education. There are many schools that do a commendable job of educating its student body in this Washington metropolitan region. However, Woodstream Christian Academy is a unique institution that is a Classical Christian School. Classical meaning a liberal arts education in the tradition of the trivium schools of grammar, logic and rhetoric. The educational model of the trivium develops the student’s abilities to think critically, solve logically, analyze, synthesize and evaluate.

Woodstream Christian Academy is unapologetically, distinctively Christian endeavoring to instill a Biblical worldview to its students. We seek to equip our students to know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and beautiful as they live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.

As you may surmise, the cost of such a private school education cannot be met by the less fortunate among us. Every year WCA provides scholarships to approximately a dozen at risk children. These students through the years have come to be part of the WCA family.

As Chancellor it is my responsibility to solicit tax deductible donor contributions to offset the costs of educating these children. This initiative is called “Ring the Bell for Education”. The approximate cost of educating a child per year is $11,000.00 well under the state cost to educate a child in this region. Please partner with me as we “Ring the Bell for Education” to support at risk children receiving a Classical Christian Education. Suggested gifts of:




$500 - $250

$100 - $25

This will provide an opportunity to those less fortunate while helping WCA maintain financial stability. Thank you for your consideration and support of WCA Ring the Bell for Education.



Robert A. Wingfield, 


Click here to donate to the project

P.S. There are several ways to donate: you may drop off

the enclosed envelope on a given Sunday at the School

desk in the atrium, mail the envelope

or donate online

Donations to Project Ring the Bell for Education are tax-deductible